This Week’s Weird Jobs

Image: Wet Tropics

Ever smelled a rat? If so, somebody really wants you to find it. And remove it. From inside their wall:

1. WI: Dead rat finder and remover

Had a rat problems and solved it by using the rat poison. The rats died somewhere in my bedroom wall and I can’t find it but I can smell it it is not too good. I need some body who has experience finding where in wall the dead rats is and then taking them out it without breaking the walls. Maybe some guy who is poor they are more likely to have experience with the rats. Im not really able to pay too much for this would treat you to McDonald’s it is close to my home. Besides, this is good experience for you if you are in the business. I would be willing to tell all your other customers what a great job you did with my rat. You could give them my cell number and as soon as my phone gets turned back on it would be like you have free advertising. I dispertly need some guys help right away cause my girlfriend won’t sleep over anymore till I get rid of the smell and cleanup other things around my home and get a job soon. She used to go out with my brother and Im scared she will go back with him cause he don’t have rats in his house. Dont worry if I dont answer you right away cause Im using my friends computer I dont have one. Give me your number and ill call you back and tell you where the house is. Thanks.


2. AK: Moms….do you love to clean?

A position with our company means you will still have time for yourself and your family. Advancement opportunities are readily available as well. Based on your performance you can be promoted. You will appreciate the flexible work schedule. More cleaning assignments can typically be scheduled for those who want to earn more in their paychecks each week.

Does anybody love to clean? Just askin.’

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3. AK: Needed: volunteers for weight loss study

We’re performing a big paid dieting weight loss research study and we need men and women who want to lose weight. We are expecting people to lose some extra weight by the final stage of the 14 day paid research study. We only want to have participants who need to lose a minimum of 15 lbs during our 14 day study. Please send us an email for more details.

15 lbs in 14 days? Hope nobody’s allergic to amphetamines or diuretics.

4. Canada: Key Baker

Wanted immediately! “Key” Baker to manage wholesale bakery. Must be knowledgeable in operating equipment, developing recipes and related cost. Looking for a Team Player energetic Multi Taker.

Will be supervised by Key Manager and Key President. Will manage Non-Key Bakers, Locked Maintenance Staff, and other unkeyed personnel.

5. CA: Plastic Surgery Office needs Receptionist

This position is for someone who enjoys interaction with people and is skilled at multitasking administrative duties.

The right candidate is …

➢ One that has exceptional customer service skills – Prior customer service experience required
➢ Possesses excellent phone skills
➢ Committed to maintaining a professional demeanor
➢ Medical knowledge a plus

Attractive appearance helps, though we will nip/tuck the right candidate.

Happy Friday!

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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