This Week’s Weird Jobs


Have you ever seen a happy convenience store clerk?
Neither have we. But for some reason, an employer in this week’s weird jobs is actually trying to get one:

1. CA: Professional Career Position

We are looking for individuals who want to be Business to Business Sales Professionals and to be part of this ground floor opportunity, which will have unprecedented growth in this market. This is a Professional Career Position, in an industry that has unlimited growth potential.

We seek highly motivated individuals to Track into Business Sales/ Management with $75K to $150K first year earnings. Second year will be well into six figures.

Email your resume for a personal interview.

Could the title of this job posting be any more unoriginal?

2. Sacramento: Church Janitorial/Groundskeeper

Full time Janitor/Groundskeeper/handyman needed for church. Must have work experience in similar situation. Work hours include early morning hours and Sundays.

Most not have a history of breaking statues, crosses, candles, or urns.

3. Sacramento: Cubicle Installers

Seeking Cubicle Installers with minimum 3 years Experience. Must have own tools and transportation.

Must intrinsically know how to make ’em low enough to pop a head over, but high enough not to get distracted.

4. Sacramento: Foster care for my cat

I am in the Navy and I need someone to take my cat in for 6 months while I am gone for training. She really has a problem with children and spazy people. She is a pretty chill cat. It just takes ajustment period for her. I clip her nails and she doesnt scratch on stuff. I dont guarantee that she will let you clip her nails, but you can try.

* Compensation: $150 per month, plus food…kitty litter…and medical if needed

Cat is pretty chill, unless you make sudden movements, spaz out, act like a child, or stress her out in other undisclosed ways.

5. CA: Happy Persons of All Ages Encouraged to apply

Convenience Store and Gas Station is currently accepting resumes from outgoing customer service oriented persons of all ages.

Job Requirements:
Excellent customer service skills
Neat professional appearance
Team player. Must work well with others even if you don’t like them.

Compensation: $8.00 per hour

Be happy *and* like people for $8/hour working in a convenience store? No wonder drug testing wasn’t mentioned.

Happy Friday!

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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