This Week’s Weird Jobs

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How’d you like to clean ovens for five hours a day?
Or wave signs in subzero temperatures? If those options don’t sound appealing, you can always try to force someone to lose weight. Pick your poison:

1. CA: needing a perfect employee

looking for someone who is…
good people skills
great attitude
works well w- others
takes initiative
hard worker
hard worker


And this employee is doing what, exactly?

2. CA: Weight Loss Challenge COACHES NEEDED

We are looking for part-time Wellness & Health Coaches to support clients looking to achieve their wellness goals through proper nutrition. Participants want to lose weight, increase their energy, and improve overall health.

We are looking for candidates who are:
– Interested in Helping Others
– Self Motivated
– Teachable
– Entrepreneurial
– “People Friendly”

Coaches selected will go thru training, we do not require any previous nutritional or physical training experience. If you are not in ideal physical condition, no worries, we will help you get there while training you to be a coach.

If you’re verbally abusive and like to pinch peoples’ spare tires, please don’t apply.

3. AK: Appliance Cleaner

We are looking for a part-time person to clean refrigerators, stoves, washers, dryers, and dishwashers. If you enjoy cleaning, have an eye for detail, a good work ethic, and a great attitude… we would like to talk to you.

~ 5 hours per day / Mon – Fri

Cleaning appliances five hours a day? Painful.

4. Anchorage: Costume Waver

Wave a sign. Candidate will wave at traffic, can listen to music, and jump around to stay warm! Will need an energetic marketer in Early January 2010, and may last until April 15, 2010. Candidate may greet customers and show them the way to our store.

Waving a sign outside would be fine and well—except that this job is in Anchorage. Brr.

5. AK: Handler for Iditarod Kennel

Handler needed starting immediately through April. Feed, clean up after dogs, and do menial physical labor for no pay. Long hours. Work is primarily outside and very physical. Need to provide own outdoor clothing. Please, no wimps.

This is (more than) full time, physical, outdoor work. Must be honest, hard working, have common sense, and work well with little supervision.

Still sound like fun? It is, I swear!


Happy Friday!

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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