This Week’s Weird Jobs


Sometimes, the most important part of a job posting isn’t what it says, but what it doesn’t say. For example, the people who need someone to do a “small job” on their door. I can only imagine what kind of pain that little understatement could bring:

1. Amsterdam: Honest Driver is needed

I need a cool Driver with Good experience and Understanding mind,you must have Dl.and should be available at the prescribe time the wages is $80/hour

Our last driver was dishonest and not understanding at all. He showed up late and stole stuff. Please, be better than that.

2. Amsterdam: Photo Shoot for “Ridiculous Clothing Company”

Looking for MALE and FEMALE MODELS for Spring 2009 clothing collection photo shoot. Apparel from Ridiculous Clothing Company will be provided. Must be comfortable in the public setting and physically fit. Please email the following: 1. A full body AND head shot photo 2. Your measurements (Bust/waist/full hip) and height

Must fit into clown-sized shoes.

3. Pittsburgh: American Clothing Company Looking For Fresh Ideas

We need graphic designers with ability to produce ideas and graphics with screen printing in mind. Highly experienced designers who demand a high hourly rate need not apply. This is a paying job, but it important to note we are a small company with a limited design budget.

Respond for more details

Please, don’t be too good or too expensive. Just be perfect and cheap.

4. Nationwide: US cable TV show wants to by your sports crash videos

From any sport at all: skateboarding, BMX, skiing, rugby, bullfighting, whatever. It doesn’t even need to be a traditional sport, as long as there’s a big crash. Contact Gary for more information.

Fatal accidents OK, too, as long as they’re exciting to watch.

5. Berlin: Wood work

Looking for someone able to do a small work to fix a door (wood work).

Our dog chewed off the side of the door, and we need you to make it look square again. Nobody else could figure out how to do it. Just a small work, though, no problem. Really.

Happy Friday!

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Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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