This Week’s Weird Jobs

This headmaster costume is from UltimatePartyShop.

What do you get when you put an 8-legged person, a Christian headmaster, a bikini softball player, and a mature webmaster in a room? This week’s weird job applicants, that’s what:

1. Fla: Looking for someone with 8 arms and 8 legs

Chiropractic Office -Front Desk/Receptionist
Part Time
M-F (3:00 pm – 7:00 pm)
Sat (9:00 am – 1:00 pm)

Must be organized, friendly, articulate and be able to multi task.

If you come to work in a spider costume, we probably won’t think it’s funny.

2. Fla: Headmaster-Christian Academy

We are an awesome Pre-k through 12th grade Christian Academy looking for a Headmaster.

We have a small close-knit caring atmosphere. Our governing board is very supportive and will help whenever asked! Your Administrative Office staff is dedicated to your success!!

You will also need to be able to:
Interact in a Christ like manner
Promote our school at events in the community
Develop curriculum
Evaluate teachers
Plan and execute the school budget

Stern demeanor, gray suit, and reading glasses required.

3. Fla: Bikini Softball

We are looking for talented softball players to play in there bikini’s if interested please send a pic of you in a bikini to us for consideration.

I’m guessing the bikini counts for more than the talent.

4. Las Vegas: Mature webmaster to create website

Looking for a mature person with a vast amount of computer knowledge who lives in Las Vegas. Ability to create a web site for me for a new and unique business idea. Compensation negotiable, will share profits from business. If you have free time, few distractions or obligations, call me now. I’m sure I’ve found a niche, let’s fill it and get rich!

I’m not sure how maturity and a vast amount of computer knowledge go together. Wonder what the niche is?

5. Detroit: i need braids

hello i am looking for someone who can braid fine hair this will be my first time getting braids if you can travel i will pay for it i would like a design not the straight back look nothing to fancy just something qucik and sweet looking

I’m not sure posting a job ad for something quick from “someone who can braid” is the best way to get your first set of braids done right. Maybe this job poster has salon phobia.

Happy Friday!

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