This Week’s Weird Jobs

Out of this week’s weird jobs
, cleaning out the world’s most disgusting mini fridge definitely sounds like the worst:

1. NY: Looking for a dead deer

Hello, I’ve said I was hunting out of town for the last 3 weeks, But I really haven’t I’ve been in PA with my “other girl” My wife thinks I landed a big buck so I can’t come home empty handed. My kids love to take a pic with the dear and I don’t want to disappoint them, Please if you can help let make a deal.

Someone could sell that man a very expensive buck.

2. UK: TV series seeks ghost footage

New series seeks footage of ghosts, ghostly apparitions, orbs etc. shot within last two years in London and/or surrounding area.

We have a budget so can pay US$250-$1000 per clip, depending on quality of clip.

If you have shot anything like that described above and control the rights to the footage, please contact us immediately and we will get back to you.

If you’re really good at lighting effects, you could sell a lot of clips.

3. CA: Clean Out My Mini-Fridge for $25

Some mystery sauce spilled in my fridge one day, and I didn’t feel like cleaning it up. Several hours later, I went on vacation for a couple weeks, giving the sauce time to ferment and congeal into a colorful, ominously pulsating substance with an odor I won’t attempt to describe here.

This was half a year ago. The sauce is still there, and the intensity of its fragrance is almost overpowering. When I absolutely have to retrieve something from the fridge, I do it as quickly as possible, lest the sauce begin growling at me, or worse.

Please. Help me. I can’t deal with this alone.

The fridge isn’t big- 3.5’x2.5’x2.5′, at most. It will probably take less than 45 minutes to clean.


The scary part is that this person has been using the fridge for the past 6 months with the sauce still in it.

4. Will Scream at your obnoxious kids in trade for light yard work.

Are your kids driving you crazy?
Are you in need of some relief?

Are you handy with an edger or some trimming shears?

Let’s trade!

I’ll bawl out your unruly tribe. In return, you can help with some light yard work.

What say you?

That could be a fair trade for some people.

5. MO: need a female companion 4 anything

I need female at least 18 and no more than 50 years old to spend the day with this summer. I prefer for them to live near Penn Square Mall. If not, then at least somewhere I can ride the city bus to meet them. I also prefer for them to be a city bus rider. One other thing: ABSOLUTELY NO MALES, GUYS, NOR BOYS!!!!!!!!! If you are a male, then I will not answer your reply. I hope this does not creep or offend anybody. Thank you.

Yes, actually does creep out everybody. At least the city bus and mall are public places.

Happy Friday!

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