This Week’s Weird Jobs

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This week’s weird jobs are ideal for starving artists. That is, they don’t pay, so you can’t buy food. At least you’ll get creative satisfaction…maybe.

1. US: Contest to be my boss!

I am a graphic artist and in need of a job. I have decided to fill this need the same way many people think the can fill their graphic design needs; with a contest!

Here is how it will work;

Send me one weeks worth of salary and benefits. I will keep all of the checks that are sent to me and use all of the benefits.

Whoever sends me the best salary and benefits package will win the contest and get the prize of two days of graphic design work!!!

Good Luck! I am really looking forward to receiving your payment packages!

* Compensation: 2 days of Graphic Design work

The irony certainly works in this job post.

2. Austin: Seeking hardworking service providers…

I’m a fabulously wealthy photographer / artist making money hand over fist. Here’s what I need:

A mechanic to overhaul my custom ’57 Chevy.
A maid to clean my house on a regular basis
A doctor to perform some minor surgery on me.
A band to perform theme music for me where ever I go.
A carpenter and electrician to build an extra wing on my sweet house in East Austin.
A nanny to watch my spoiled kids.

Of course there will be no pay involved. In return for your services you will get FULL CREDIT on my website, AND you can add all of this work to your PORTFOLIO! If you ask me, this is an absolutely awesome deal!

I hope to have you work for me soon!

Did the same person who wrote posting #1 write this one, too?

3. CA: Seeking Writers!!! Write Us A Slogan & Win Cash!!!

We are running a contest to see who can write us the best slogan for our live standup comedy shows.

The winner will receive a cash prize and a 6-pack of tickets to our shows.

Email us for more info.

Ahem. Some people do pay for this kind of work…

4. CA: Seeking really awful no talent musicians

for new band. Drummer with one arm, guitarist, pianist, etc. I’ll be the lead singer and I guarantee my voice is as annoying as nails on a chalkboard. Nobody gets paid but you will receive infamy and be on youtube.

At least they’re honest.

5. NY: I will trade you records if you hang out with me and you are female

tell me about who you are send pic

hang out with me nice guy white male

in astoria
i will give you 10 lps for an hour and 1/2 of hanging out
i will give you 15 lps for a massage no guys just female only
rock lps mostly dont ask for list come here and look through it you wont get any free ones for looking through them only for hanging out

Don’t ask me what I look like, act like, or smell like, either. Just come hang out, ok?

Happy Friday!

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