This Week’s Weird Jobs

Image: Tineyho/Flickr

Sometimes even the most normal of skills, like knowing your way around a car, can land you a weird job. This week’s specimens include fitting a Honda Civic inside a van and fixing an American truck–but only if you’re Russian:

1. CA: Clean Out Rat Infection

We have some Rats in the house so need some person with termite expertise to help clean the rats. We are able to catch the rats in the garage.

Catch and clean the rats? Would you like the shampoo and blow dry, or just a brushing and their nails clipped?

2. NY: take us to a party in your van

We need someone to pick us (6 poeple) up in Williamsburg in their car/van and take us to farmingville, long island at 2pm…pool party/bbq… you can hangout or come back around. ..well we can discuss that later. Paid job. Serious!

If you have a mustache, or you’ve removed the interior door handles in your van, then please disregard this ad.

3. WA: Need someone to come and clip my macaws nails

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I have a large macaw that needs his nails trimmed anyone with experience out there? Thanks all

Please don’t be concerned when my macaw screeches, “Brains! Brains! I must have brains!” from its enormous beak.

4. NY: Going to Kansas? Have room for my small car in truck?

Looking to get my 1998 very small Honda Civic out to Overland Park for a reasonable price.
If you are heading that way and have room in your truck or van, please let me know.

A compact car for sure, but fitting it in a van would require, well, a heckuva van.

5. NY: Russian Mechanic Need to Work on Diesel Truck Pay $25.00 hour

Hi. My name Lewis, I loooking so a machanic From Russian need to know Diesel in and out for mechanic supervisor. Ford E 350. Pay more depending on experience.
Thank you

The reason Lewis needs a Russian mechanic is that there’s actually a Lada engine in that E 350, but Lewis doesn’t want to say it outright.

Happy Friday!

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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