This Week’s Weird Jobs

This week’s jobs have one foot in each gender. Grampa needs a cute girl to get him drunk. Someone else wants a man’s man to sell grills. Still another group wants a big, handsome fella to wrangle out-of-control drunk girls. Pick your gender-based poison.

1. WA: just need a cute girl

This is the worlds easiest $50.00 to be made! It is my Grandpas 75th birthday and we are throwing him a party. He loves his wine and all I want is a cute girl to keep his wine glass full. All you have to do is walk around with a tray, look pretty and only keep Grandpas wine glass full for two/three hours! The party is at Best Western in Saint Helens on Jan. 30th. If your interested please send me a photo of yourself. Thanks a bunch.

Gramps likes the occasional grope, too. Hope you’re game.


We sells high quality products including: grilling tools and accessories, premium meats, grilling spices, rubs, marinades and more. We offer over 30 flavors of bratwurst alone, in addition to other products like poker and home bar accessories. All products are sold exclusively through our network of independent sales agents.

Get paid to GRILL and Give away free meat!

Requirements for our opportunity:

• The desire to earn a full or part time income with us
• Must enjoy Grilling, Hunting, Sports, Poker or other “MAN” activities
• Must be over the age of 18

Interested in more information? Email us!

Lack of female gender and the ability to not burn what you grill also help.

3. NY: Need Private Investigator

Someone stole my phone on Saturday Jan 16, 2010 – at the gym. It happend around 4pm – 7pm…able to pay $100 for someone to get it back OR show proof of who has the phone.

If you’re the thief, you might as well ‘fess up. That reward could be worth more than her phone.

4. TN: Tour guide – ghost tours

Looking for friendly, energetic, responsible person to guide WALKING ghost tours at night. Qualifications would include being a good story-teller, and having good business sense. Performance experience can be a plus, but is not required.

Ability to shiver, jump, and yelp in faux terror help.

5. Austin: Drunk girl wrangler

Muscular man closely resembling Hugh Jackman needed to take care of 3 or more drunk girls this weekend. Duties may include but are not limited to drink orders, store runs for cigarettes, fix it kits for inflatable devices, breaking up girl fights, holding hair during any puking, and keeping the dudes off of the 2 married chicks. Experience in CPR and a psyche degree helpful. We don’t mind perverts just don’t get it on us. Applicants with pics will be considered.

This could be someone’s dream job…or a pure nightmare.

Happy Friday!

Image: MWSU

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