This Week’s Weird Jobs

This week’s crazy jobs include a few opportunities to monetize your offbeat hobbies. Who knew Gaelic and roller skating could pay well? If you happen to be a brave Manitoban who likes wearing socks, you may also be in business this week:

1. Manitoba, Only for the brave!

No Cold Cällìñg or Selling
Don’t sëll ÿoûršelf short…
Í’m makiñg over $4,000 per moñth
Dóing véry little work.
Ìf you çan stick a lãbél on a põštcard
and mail it. We wìll do 90% òf the wôrk fõr you.

• Compensation: 68-75k

The title on this envelope-stuffing ad, whose poster uses accent marks in their English and thinks $4K/month makes $68K/year, takes the cake.

2. Dublin: Female sock models

Please note: We are looking for sock models. Any submissions of models riding horses, driving cars, swimming…etc…. will not be taken as seriously as those wearing what we are advertising.

We are looking for a few girls to wear our socks in our upcoming catalogue there might be a TV ad, but we haven’t signed that contract yet.

She should be fun, spunky and bright.

Outfits to be work in conjunction with the product: Casual, camping, sleeping, school, running…etc. They’re socks after all, they go pretty much with everything.
Type of socks: Ankle, athletic, half-calf, knee…etc. Again, they are socks of varying size and color.

Compensation: 25 an hour. + All the socks you can handle. Please send resume/photos/profile. Full body shots wanted (As it is a sock shoot, simple headshots won’t show what we need)

What does bright, spunky and fun have to do with socks? These sock photographers are demanding.

3. Tunnel of Light (California internet)

10 Times Movies Depicted Big Businesses As The Villain

Author, John Saint John, “Tunnel of Light – answers to life found in death”. I Need a internet social media campaign. I have a website being built. Read the book first and see the video, then contact me with a workable marketing campaign, not just contacts, but real sales. US Dollars $125.00 set up and 1% commission on bookstore sales.

This Internet is kind of a tunnel of light, isn’t it? And who’s to say the answers to life after death aren’t found in it? These people are on to something.

4. Everywhere: Hiring Cree, Gaelic speakers

Cree or Gaelic interpreters needed for over-the-phone interpretation of medical, financial, insurance calls and others. Flexible hours, work at home.

Excellent English proficiency along with Cree or Gaelic proficiency. Strong listening and comprehension skills & outstanding customer service skills.

Wonder what “your 401K got flushed down the toilet” is in Cree?

5. Montana: Roller Derby Team needs coach/instructor

Our newly forming all girl ROLLER DERBY team in, beautiful BILLINGS MONTANA, is seeking an instuctor/coach to lead our practice sessions and teach the team all the ins & outs of the sport and prepare us to become a registered league in the WFTDA.

** I will provide your very own 1bd, 1bath, full apartment!!! at NO COST 2 u!! **
plus- i allow pets in the apartment if you want :)

please email me with inquiries, resume, or any questions that you may have!!

Finally! A way to monetize the roller skating expertise that used to get you weird looks on the streets.

Happy Friday!

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

Currently, I create and execute content- and PR strategies for clients, including thought leadership and messaging. I also ghostwrite and produce press releases, white papers, case studies and other collateral.