Timeline of Summer Work-Wear

A recent Adecco USA survey shows workers have a strong sense of what is acceptable for summer work wear, and what is not. If you think no one will notice the clopping sounds your flip-flops make each time you refill your coffee mug, you’re just kidding yourself, according to a Reuters article. Also highly annoying for coworkers, the trend to wear short skirts has become almost acceptable in media, but not yet for office wear!

Many people might be wondering what clothes are appropriate in the grueling heat of summer. If you can’t run to comfortable footwear and cooling clothing, what are you to do when the thermostat is set to broil? Many people have chosen to wear elegant sandals that make casual summer clothing seem updated and professional, as well as linen suits and breathable cotton.

Was fashion always this strict, you might be wondering? It turns out, that yes, fashion was in fact more regimented in the past. Check out this infographic to learn more about the evolution of acceptable and popular summer work wear, from the suits of the 50’s to the modern trends you covet.

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Adecco USA’s survey shows interesting results that make for good water cooler conversation. By reading this infographic, you can learn tips and tricks about summer office attire protocol, and when to call someone’s skirt too much!

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Timeline of Summer Work Wear

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