Tinder Debuts ‘Super Like’ Button

  1. Tinder Super Likes

Do you really really really want to take someone from Tinder on a date? Now you can use the “Super Like” button to share your intentions.

The company’s newest feature allows users to swipe up on a person’s Tinder profile to indicate that they are extra into the Tinder user.

If you use the super like button a blue shooting star animation will be delivered to the intended Tinder user.

Tinder began testing the new feature in Australia and more than one million Super Likes have been sent out by women in the country.

Tinder claims that Super Like lead to conversations that last 70% longer.

Users can still swipe left and right and matches must still be made before a conversation can begin.

If you use a Super Like your profile will appear at the top of a person’s list of potential matches. Super Likes are also limited to one per user each day (free users) and five per day for Tinder Plus accounts.

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Tinder Plus accounts in the U.S. are $10 for people under 30 and $20 for all other users.

Just remember that a “Super Like” might make you look Super Desperate.

Should we all start feeling less for people who don’t Super Like us? I see this going horribly wrong.

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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