Tinder Goes On Offensive After Billboard Says App Leads To STDs

STD billboard for Tinder and Grindr

Tinder has gone on the offensive after an AIDS organization paid for a billboard that claims Tinder and Grindr use leads to STD’s — including gonorrhea and chlamydia.

The billboard was commissioned by the L.A.-based AIDS Healthcare Foundation. Tinder has sent a cease-and-desist letter to the organization.

“These unprovoked and wholly unsubstantiated accusations are made to irreparably damage Tinder’s reputation,” the letter read. “While Tinder strongly supports such testing, the billboard’s statements are not founded upon any scientific evidence and are incapable of withstanding critical analysis.”

The billboard issues an outright attack against Tinder and Grindr. The advertisement features silhouettes of two couples who are closely facing each other. A man with the word “Tinder” written across his head faces a woman with the word “chlamydia” written across hers. Next to them, a pair of men have the words “Grindr,” and “Gonorrhea” written across their faces.

Grindr has not said whether or not it has also requested that the billboard be removed.  Grindr did say that it removed ads the organization was running after the billboard was placed.

Tinder is currently the top lifestyle app on both iOS and Google Play.