Important Facets to Business Branding

Businesses can be branded by many different things, or they can be branded primarily by one and secondarily by others. When it comes down to it, what truly brands your business? Is it what you say, and your public actions? Or is it your online presence?

With the way the world is shifting often times your online presence is much more important than anything else.

If someone walks in your store, they might immediately go home and look up your website to see what they might have missed. They then might move to look for your Twitter account, so they can follow you and see if you’re offering specials and discounts. THEN, they will probably try to see if you have a Facebook fan page. It’s true.

So what can you do to make sure you’re branding your business efficiently?


If you have a Twitter account, make sure you’re using a company branded background.

This not only gives the user the complete experience when they explore your Twitter page, but it just clues them in that you have somebody taking care of, and maintaining, your Twitter page. It might also push them to interact with you, and you ultimately want customer engagement on platforms like this, so you can effectively communicate and share messages.

You can either hire an internal social media strategist to handle anything in relation to:

  • Provide customer service- assist by replying to any mentions or DMs
  • Watch trending topics among different sectors related to Best Buy’s products
  • Engage with consumers

This way you have a strong interactive brand on Twitter.

Website/Blog & Themes

Depending on what type of business you are, you want to have a website and/or blog that’s constantly updated with either sales or content.

If you’re a retail store, such as best buy, you want to make sure that your website is branded the same as your social media pages.

Some brands even decide to keep a blog separate from their site, and design it differently. You’ll notice that the blog for Starbucks is branded a little differently and lighter than their regular store site:

starbucks blog

Branding and coloring works perfectly in both of these cases. If you’re a business that doesn’t necessarily have a store front, and isn’t tied to any particular color scheme, you can start up a WordPress blog (through .org – the site doesn’t give you many options for themes) and get a calm and clean theme to give your blog the appearance of simplicity.

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Here’s some examples of some clean and simple WordPress themes for businesses:

Corporate Theme ($59.99)

Widget ready and two column, this premium theme has a dark background that isn’t flashy or distracting.

Source/Demo | Purchase

Business Turnkey Theme (Free)

Business Turnkey Theme

The Business Turnkey theme comes in both this black simplistic theme as well as one with a lighter blue and white scheme. It’s two column and widget ready.

Demo | Download | Video

Unstandard WordPress Theme

unstandard theme

The Unstandard WordPress theme has a different layout and the ability to have medium sized thumbnails for each post, as well as one main image that you can rotate out. This would be more ideal for photography or very image oriented businesses, rather than a small or corporate business.

Demo | Download | Video

All of these themes are of course plugin ready, so you’ll be able to add things such as TweetMeMe, Facebook fan page boxes, custom comment plugins, etc. for total engagement with your consumers.

Facebook Fan Page

Many people overlook the power of a fan page, mainly because Facebook was originally intended for college students and hasn’t only recently been widely accepted as a great marketing platform.

Having not only a branded fan page, but one that has interactive tabs and applications, is the key to branding yourself on this platform.

Best Buy FB

You’ll notice that they not only went through and had custom tabs (applications) made, but they also allow the consumers to check out their weekly ads and invite themĀ  to also ask their friends about what they’re looking for.

Again, you can can hire a social media strategist or keep one in-house to manage this. To make sure your brand isn’t tarnished, they can:

  • provide customer service and reply to messages and private messages
  • delete any slanderous or unnecessarily negative posts
  • offer special incentives for fans

If you want to truly brand your business, there’s many facets you need to take in consideration; whether that be your social presence, your business site (or retail site) presence and your blog presence. Keeping everything updating constantly, as well as cohesive and clean, will help solidify and strengthen your brand.