Top 10 Businesspundit Posts of 2006

Below is a list of the 10 posts from the past year that got the most traffic and the most incoming links. If you are a new Businesspundit reader, I hope you will click through and read some of the posts you may have missed.

1. Why I Quit Entrepreneurship And Got a Real Job. – I wrote this post in Jan '06, after just a couple of months at my current employer. It is the second most popular post in the history of this site, and probably the most controversial. It got me lots of hate mail from the "be an entrepreneur or be a loser" crowd.

2. Why Companies Shouldn't Use Robots in Chat – This one got picked up by Digg and all the other major aggregators and as a result, has the most traffic of any post I've ever written. At one point, the traffic from this post took down the Creative Weblogging servers for about a half hour. I think the post is pretty lame. It only took about two minutes to write and was mostly a cut and paste job. And hardly any other bloggers linked to it. The experience reinforced my belief that popularity does not necessarily equal quality.

3. Is Concentration the New Competitive Advantage? – This one is my personal favorite of the past year because I like the topic and I think the message in an important one. Unfortunately it's also too short. I could have said much more, and may expand on this idea sometime soon.

4. Please Stop With Your Chinese Math – A post about one of the most common errors entrepreneurs make. This one was picked up by one of the Wall Street Journal blogs, which was pretty cool.

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5. The Wisdom of Niches: Why Experts Still Matter – Another one that got me some hate mail, but I think makes some important points. Sure, experts aren't perfect, but that is no reason to replace them with the aggregated thought of random people.

6. How To Network: For Introverts – Exactly what the title says.

7. Why Business Needs More Geeks – This post was about how geeks love their work, and how business needs more of those types of people. We need managers that love what they do for it's own sake, instead of attracting so many people that are just after the money and have a morality that can best be described as… convenient.

8. My First Lessons in Business: What Flipping Burgers Taught Me About the Value of Good People – I think this one was popular with everybody who ever worked at a fast food restaurant.

9. Are Entrepreneurs Born, Made, or Simply Loaded up With Parasites?– I thought this was a very witty take on a major academic debate (are leaders born or made) and a news article about a bacteria that causes risky behavior. A few bloggers linked to it and liked it, but overall most people didn't seem to care about this post. Still, I'm putting it on the list because it was one of my favorites.

10. Instead of a post, I'm including the collection of posts about Entrepreneurial Strategies – These posts were all relatively popular, and I should have done a few more. Maybe in '07.

Have a Happy New Year.