Top 5 Ways To Make Money Off Freegans

Once it’s got a name, it’s an industry. And once you’ve been featured on Oprah, you’re mainstream. So how are we going to make money off the Freegans – those dumpster diving, non-job-having, scavengers that attempt to live by the outcasts of our out of control consumer society? Together I know we’ll come up with something! Here are my top 5:

1. Dumpster Diving License Fees: Participating restaurants could band together to offer a license needed to delve through the trash for food scraps. This one requires organization, but we civilized folks are good at this.

2. Advertising: Already we’ve had a feature on the afore mentioned Oprah show, a Newsweek staffer blogging a ‘Freegan Experiment’. Those are some high profile advertising dollars. I see lots of magazine features, memoirs, and movies coming soon.

3. Seal-A-Meal: This handy gadget keeps food fresh for days, weeks, months in the fridge or freezer. It’s the perfect kitchen appliance to packaged up those almost-rotten-but-still-good-for-making-pie peaches from the trash behind Safeway. I’m sensing a new niche market.

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4. How-To Books: Surely there’s a $9.95 eBook already in the works that will cater to this crowd. It’s not like you can just figure out how to scavenge on your own. People need skills. (I’d love to start a blog just to see what Adsense ads came up!)

5. Gear: If you’re going to go out at night and forage through other people’s garbage – people who may or may not employ security guards – you’re going to need a few things that you might not be able to pick up for free. I’m thinking really good flashlights and mace.

Okay, I’ve started you off. Now I dare you to share the creative ways you think our capitalist society will capitalize on the rebels in our midst!