Top Business Blogs That Teach

top business blogs that teachThe great thing about the Internet is that it allows us all to pursue a lifetime of learning for free. The major universities are now even offering many of their class lectures online for free (e.g. Yale University Courses). Today, the fact is that anyone who wants to learn, and has the time to learn, can learn.

But we no longer just learn from official academic sources. In this day and age we learn just as much from blogs and citizen journalists and yeah, even controversial events like Wikileaks. The world has become much more dynamic. Sometimes this is confusing. Sometimes it’s hard to know who’s telling the truth. But really, this decentralization of information makes it easier for the truth to emerge through collective analysis and consensus rather than being pushed down our throats by the elite.

So we were glad to see a recent ranking of business and entrepreneur blogs that focuses on the teaching role that they play. You know, the tangible, real-world, practical advice they provide. While BusinessPundit was not included on the list, we are happy to see many of our friends acknowledged for service they offer to the online community as a whole.

Here are the top 10:

1. Blogtrepreneur
2. Breaking Free
3. Church of the Customer
4. Daily Dose
5. Blog
6. e360 Blog
7. Erica.Biz
8. I Will Teach You To Be Rich
9. Mixergy
10. Quick Sprout

The original list has twenty five blogs that are all worth getting to know. Go here to visit: Top 25 Business and Entrepreneurship Blogs of 2011

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  1. DarkHorseMBA's Gravatar Comment by DarkHorseMBA on March 16th, 2011 at 7:54 am

    I found most of these sites useless. The sites are filled with ads for get rich quick schemes, and obtrusive pop-ups to buy something or sigh-up for new letter. Very disappointing and I did not “learn” a thing.

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