Traveling to the Smallest Countries in the World

Big countries think they have it all- but what about the little guys? What these small countries may lack for in square footage, they more than make up for in history, culture, and simple beauty. So the next time you’re planning vacation, why not consider Granada’s black and white beaches, enjoy some of San Marino’s world famous wines, or one of these other unique (but small) countries?

Established hundreds of years ago, the country of Monaco is France’s small, but extremely wealthy neighbor. It’s known as being a business haven for its low tax rates and complete lack of income tax. In addition to being the second smallest country in the world, it is coincidentally the most densely populated and is home to the largest population of billionaires per capita in the world.

However, the smallest country in the world is one that everyone has heard of: Vatican City. That’s right, Vatican City is officially its own country and was established back in 1929 when it became politically independent from Italy. Within just a few days of independence, it had it’s own post office system set up and began producing its own stamps within six months. Home to the Pope and boasting a 100% literacy rate, Vatican City also holds priceless works of art and architecture doing back to Leonardo da Vinci and Raphael.

Take a look at this infographic for more on what the smallest countries in the world can offer you. Where will you be spending your next vacation?

the world's smallest countries