Trump Fires Carolyn Kepcher


Donald Trump has fired Carolyn Kepcher, one of his sidekicks on The Apprentice.

Carolyn Kepcher, the blonde co-star of Donald Trump's 'The Apprentice,' has been fired.

The 36-year old sidekick, who in addition to her role on the show ran the Trump National Golf Club in posh Westchester County north of New York City, was fired earlier this week.
Donald Trump and Carolyn Kepcher

Rhona Graff of the Trump Organization confirmed to that Kepcher no longer works at the company.

Trump's daughter Ivanka has replaced Kepcher in the role, while Trump's son Don Jr. is the successor to the 78-year old real estate lawyer George Ross on the show.

The show's Web site states Ivanka and Don Jr. will "fill in for" Kepcher and Ross "during multiple episodes of 'The Apprentice'" in the fifth season.

I haven't watched the last few seasons of the show because it was such a disappointment. I had hoped it would test real business skills but instead it turned into a cheesy relational drama that happened to touch upon business now and then. Honestly, I bet Carolyn decided to leave and Donald decided to fire her because that would get more press for the both of them.

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