Trusting My Gut

Today I asked a local designer I admire to design a logo for me. We talked about the project, styles, colors, and possible future work I would need once the original design was complete. After about ten or fifteen minutes I asked him for a ballpark estimate of the cost and turnaround time.

Which question do you think he answered first? You guessed it. In about ten days I’ll have some preliminary designs. As for costs…. well that’s a little more complicated. He tried to figure out what kind of client I’d be, while I tried to get him to name his lowest, see-you-around-town rate. When he finally gave me his per hour rate I thought, I can work with that. How long could it take, right? Then he mentioned that will a project like mine he could spend five hours, or he could spend 40. Depending.

Can you say sticker shock?

I have wanted a logo for a while. I want it to be decent, good even. First, I enlisted the help of two different friends, who happen to be graphic artists. All I have to show for it is one not-even-close design and a couple of people who don’t return my messages. I offered to pay, really I did. I even said, give me a ballpark. Then I signed up for a couple of crowd-sourcing design sites. The first one never could validate my membership. The second had prices near what I’ll be paying for what I perceive to be a more personal approach.

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So I told this real designer – this professional – that I would definitely have to stay in the five hour zone. I felt a little sick even at the thought of this, but I figured I could always call him back later and back out if I couldn’t keep down my evening meal. But I’m okay. I feel better already. What I’m going to pay him is nothing compared to the peace of mind knowing that in a couple of weeks I’ll be smooth, logo-ed writing machine.

You get what you pay for. Let’s hope.