TSA Allows Advertising in Security Bins


This is interesting.

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) will allow companies to sell ads inside plastic bins whose sole purpose so far has been to move passengers' shoes, cellphones and other belongings through X-ray machines.

Advertising companies and airports could reap millions from 12-inch-by-17-inch ads glued to the bottom of security bins. The TSA would benefit, too, from free equipment: The agency is requiring any company that sells the ads to stock airport checkpoints with new bins, carts and stainless steel tables.

My advice to advertisers – don't waste your money to be associated with a process consumers hate.

  • Mark

    I could see this being really annoying if the ad image included things like wallets or keys, or were so busy that you had to look carefully for your belongings. And annoying ads will only be more annoying.
    On the other hand, there is an opportunity for a company to try to make the process more pleasant. Acknowledge the situation the traveler is in and advertise accordingly, and you might see a positive response.

  • I can see several very good matches for bin advertising, including:

    Shoe manufacturers (for shoes without metal shanks / easy on-easy off / etc.)

    Bus Companies (“By the time you get through this line, you could have already been on your way, using your cellphone and laptop, and actually have some legroom…”)

    High Bandwidth Cell Service Providers (“Bored? You don’t have to be. Get ESPN / HBO / NBC / Comedy Central on your cell phone!”)

    Luggage / Personal Effects Forwarding Services

    Luggage Companies (Especially one that made an easy slide in/slide out sleeve for your laptop)

    Alcohol Manufacturers (“Need To Relax? The nearest airport bar is only 150 feet away.”)

    WebEx or similar services (“Was this trip really necessary? Web conferences – all the contact with none of the Drug-Sniffing Dogs”)

    There are lots of applicable ads one could put there. This may be the TSA’s first good idea!


  • Really interesting!!! but definitely a way to catch people’s attention. I must say.

  • Mike

    I think to me this would be the equivalent to those ad-laden rubber mats they put in the bottom of urinals. Not something I hate, but rather disgusting.

  • Mike


    I would have to disagree with you regarding the post card mail outs. Why are you so confident that mailings are effective? I receive postcards every week from marketing companies, career fairs, etc., I take a brief look at the cards, and rip them into pieces. I would have to say that e-newsletters are a little bit more efficient. Not only do they serve the same purpose as a postcard. Companies, business, institutions are able to send more mailings out at one time, as well as receive feedback on how many people take a look at them, or maybe even follow links inscribed in the email.