Tweets from the Top: Which CEO’s have the most Social Influence?

Today on Forbes there is an article about which CEO’s have the most online social media impact. It’s an interesting question. Some CEO’s take a more proactive “face of the company” approach to their job. Other CEO’s try to stay out of the limelight. Which approach is best for business?

Tweets from the Top

Based on a quick look at the top 40 CEO’s it’s pretty clear to me that some of these CEO’s have failed pretty miserably. Kevin Rose of Digg fame for example. The reason Rose has social impact is because of his days at Digg. But he did not ever navigate that ship into profitability and ended up running it into an iceberg. It’s also arguable that since getting involved in social media, even Oprah’s business success has been going downhill.

It would be a worthwhile study to see whether social media success is a predictor of good CEO skills. Perhaps having a strong social media presence requires extroversion and people skills, two things that help rally a team behind a single vision.

The last observation I’ll make on this whole idea of the relation between CEO and social media success: many of the very best companies out there do not have CEO’s on this list: Yahoo, Google, IBM, Apple, Berkshire Hathaway. Perhaps substance does in fact trump style.

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