Twitter is testing a Periscope live-streaming button inside its mobile apps

Twitter live mobile streaming app button

Twitter is getting ready to take on Facebook live-streaming head-on. The company is planning to bring Periscope directly to Twitter mobile apps with the push of a button.

The company told The Verge the button is currently being tested with a small number of Twitter for Android users who have received a ‘Go Live’ button alongside existing media options, such as record video or attach image, when they create a tweet.

Twitter users who already have the Periscope app are directed to that app when they push the button. Users who have not downloaded Periscope are taken to the Google Play Store to download the mobile software.

Twitter is planning to eventually allow users to start a live Periscope feed directly from the mobile app in the future.

The social network is known for allowing its acquisitions to continue operating with some degree of autonomy. For example, Vine continues to operate much as its own platform.

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Facebook still has a leg up on the competition by allowing direct from the app integration for more than 1.65 billion users.

Written by Franklin Simmons

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