Twitter Owned By Mark Zuckerberg? Top Investor Thinks He Would Improve The Service

Chris Sacca and Twitter Investors

Chris Sacca, one of Twitter’s largest shareholders, believes that Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg would love to own the 140 character service. He also believes that Zuckerberg would greatly improve the social networks functionality. one of Twitter’s largest shareholders, thinks there are a lot of big companies interested in buying Twitter.

In an interview with Bloomberg’s Emily Change, Sacca said, “I think Google would love to buy Twitter.” and “[Zuckerberg] would not let Twitter go to Google without putting in a bid, there is just no way.”

He admits that Mark believes Twitter is blowing a huge opportunity. “[Zuckerberg’s] perception that Twitter is not doing everything they could has not changed,” says Sacca. “And so he would love the opportunity to own it and to improve some of those things.”

When asked if Tim Cook would be interested in a bidding war he said, “I don’t think Apple cares.”

It would make sense for Sacca to start speculation about a bidding war for the company, he stands to earn millions of Twitter is picked up by Facebook, Microsoft, Google, or any other competitor. When asked about the company’s potential he says, “there is literally unlimited potential at what they can build.” While Twitter stock currently shares in the 30s, Sacca believes the mid-to-upper 90’s are a definite possibility.

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Written by Peter Mondrose

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