Twitter shares just hit an all-time low and it could get worse

Twitter shares just fell by 3% to reach an all-time low.

In early trading on Tuesday the company’s shares fell to $13.90 per share, the lowest level since Twitter went public back in November 2013.

Twitter shares dipped during a general sell off period across the market.

Twitter recently announced that the company has struggled to add new active users to its network over the last quarter.

Revenues also missed estimates, and guidance for the second quarter was light.

Many Wall Street analysts have downgraded their outlook for future earnings and their expectations for the company’s ability to increase its stock value.

Twitter shares are down 39% for the year and 66% since their initial public offering

Here’s how much the company’s stock has fallen since it’s debut:


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Written by Jeff Springer

Jeff Springer

Jeff Spring is the Finance & Markets Editor at He's currently spending his days backpacking across Europe. While he may be living outside of the United States, he stays connected to American financial markets and M&A's more than is probably healthy for any single person. His love of a good book and a Bloomberg terminal can't be understated.