Twitter will stream entire NFL games on Thursday night

Twitter and the NFL

Twitter will be live-streaming Thursday Night Football for the NFL this fall.

Instead of short video clips that highlight the night’s biggest plays, the social network will share entire games with fans.

The surprise arrived on Tuesday following a bidding war between several digital video outlets.

A person with direct knowledge of the deal confirmed a Bloomberg News report that Twitter will be the NFL’s digital partner. Twitter joins CBS and NBC.

NFL commissioner Roger Goddell confirmed the news through a tweet, but failed to provide further details about the new streaming agreement.

Twitter’s deal is not exclusive on Thursday nights. CBS and NBC paid a combined $450 million for the next two years of Thursday Night Football on TV. The networks are paying about $45 million per game for 10 regular season outings.

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It’s unclear at this time how much Twitter has paid for the internet streaming rights for Thursday nights.

In the past Twitter has provided promotional efforts and short-clip reviews for the NFL.

Facebook had expressed interest in the rights to a streaming package with the NFL but decided to drop out of the bidding wars last week.

Amazon and Verizon were also said to be among the potential suitors.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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