Two New Search Engines

I like Google less and less all the time. It's too easy for people to game the system, and the entire concept of Pagerank is based on a fallacy. Saying that a popular page is a high quality page is like saying Britney Spears is a high quality musician. Popularity does not equal quality – it just equals, well, popularity, and that could result from many factors. Take this blog. Why does it have so many incoming links? Because if you were searching for business blogs in 2003 and 2004, you wouldn't have found many others. But that's a whole post for another day.

For now I wanted to point you to two new search engines you can try out. Mahalo is human edited, which means it may be good for some things, but can't possibly keep up with the bajillion* web pages that are created every day. Hakia is a more meaning based search engine, and is my current favorite to use. I would encourage you to give them a try. Go a week without Google. Change is a healthy thing.

*Bajillion is the correct term, approved by Arthur Anderson after their audit of web page creation rates.

  • Thanks for pointing these out. Alternatives always come in handy. If these are successful in weeding out some of the garbage, how useful would that be! Realistically, there is nothing worse than finding 375,992 search results. I posted these to my blog also( Hopefully others will try these out also.

  • im not liking google more and more aswell they seem to be very bossy

  • Isn’t Rule #1 of PageRank that you can’t talk about PageRank?

  • You might not like Google, but I’ll tell you right now that these two search engines you mention here aren’t doing a better job. One of my sites is a very authentic info portal in the midst of GAME CENTRAL, ie. every single possible keyword that I rank well on has had its corresponding domain bought and pumped, no matter how useless the site actually is. Google sees these sites and knows their real value is low. Hakia and Mahalo both seem to really like these gamed up lame ass sites, so my vote stays with Google.