Two Teenagers and an Interesting Social Experiment


IT TURNS OUT what your mother always tells you is true: People judge you by your looks.
Just ask Shannon Nichols, a senior at Livermore's Granada High School. Nichols, 18, recently tested that theory when she was applying for jobs.

One might think: Who wouldn't hire this bubbly young woman with a Barbie figure, long straight hair and a perfect grade point average?

Nichols and her friend, Sarah Adams, a Livermore High student, decided to do an extra credit project about society's perceptions of people based on how they look.

They got the idea after reading about a lawsuit successfully brought by employees against youthwear retailer Abercrombie & Fitch for trying to make its employees project a certain image. They decided to apply for jobs at the company's Pleasanton store.

Basically they ignored the girl dressed as a goth, even though she had better references. It does raise an interesting question about what rights companies have to project a certain image. If they think that a goth would negatively impact sales, it seems like they should have the right not to hire goths. It sounds unfair if you are the person that doesn't get hired, but what if youare the person that runs the company?

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