Uber Competitor Gett Takes A Swipe At Surge Pricing, Demands A No-Carb Diet?

Gett Ads Go After Uber Surge Pricing

Uber competitor Gett doesn’t believe customers should have to pay “surge pricing” when its service is in high demand. The company has taken out a new ad campaign in New York City which puts Uber’s pricing policy squarely in its sites.

Gett charges a flat $10 fee regardless of the time of day.

“The competition, who we shall not name, is ├╝ber ripping you off,” reads one of Gett’s new ads.

The Israeli-led platform launched in 2011 with a focus on Manhattan since September 2013.

“Surge isn’t needed,” said Shahar Waiser, founder and CEO of Gett. “We’ve found that people have this surge fatigue.”

The company focuses its efforts on raising additional money through partnerships. For example, it works with Fortune 500 companies to deliver drivers for employees.

Gett has raised $207 million and brought in revenues of $500 million last year. The company also claims to be growing by 300% year-over-year with profitability in 50 markets internationally.

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The company plans to place 500 ads around Manhattan. The ads will be featured on buildings, phone booths, newsstands, inside bathrooms, and at various other traditional locations.

Gett currently offers more than 2,000 drivers in Manhattan. Drivers keep 100% of their tips and the company claims that their contract workers earn more money per minute.

Gett versus Uber

Written by Peter Mondrose

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