Uber joins forces with TransLoc to provide better access to public transportation


Transportation technology company TransLoc has joined forces with ride-hailing company Uber.

TransLoc builds technology products for public transit passengers and agencies. Uber plans to integrate into the TransLoc Rider app, a smartphone application that provides real-time bus tracking and route planning.

The integration means Uber and TransLoc customers will be able to plan trips that may require a combination of Uber rides and public transportation. For example, an Uber passenger can catch a ride to their closest transit stop, then take a bus for the remainder of their trip.

TransLoc says some public transit companies lose riders because they don’t have a way to get from their home to a bus stop.

“Such partnerships will enhance the attractiveness of public transportation,” Michael Melaniphy, president and chief executive of the American Public Transportation Association, said in a statement.

A transportation study by the statistical analysis media site FiveThirtyEight recently revealed that 85% of trips on public transit and 15% with Uber roughly equaled the cost of car ownership.

Uber isn’t alone in its attempt to ally itself with public transporation. Lyft recently formed a partnership with Dallas, and  launched the “Friends with Transit” campaign which demonstrates the number of passengers Lyft brings to and from transit stations.

The TransLoc and Uber integration will debut as a pilot program in mid-February in Memphis, Tennessee, and Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina.

Written by John Howard

John Howard

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