Uber Suspends UberPop Service In France Following Executive Arrests, Dangerous Riots

UberPop Suspended in France

Uber has suspended its UberPOP taxi-ordering app in France following taxi driver riots and the arrest of several executives who were accused of “illicit activity.”

In June France’s interior minister ordered a ban on UberPOP following nationwide protests by taxi drivers.

Bernard Cazeneuve claims that Uber’s service is ‘”illegal.” The service has been banned in France since January 2015.

Registered vehicle drivers in France and other cities around the world claim that the service is unlawful because it undercuts prices and doesn’t rely on often expensive taxes and driver medallions.

On Friday Uber said it was suspending UberPop for safety reasons.

“We have decided to suspend UberPOP in France from 20.00 [19.00 BST] this Friday evening, primarily to assure the safety of Uber drivers,” Thibaud Simphal, head of Uber France, told Le Monde.

The company has not released any further details at this time.

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