UK School Reduces Tuition for Vegetarians


One UK school wants its students to go veg. If they won’t do it willingly, they can be forced, via cost-conscious parents. From the UK Telegraph:

Parents whose children sign up to the ‘Vegetarian Scholarship’ could save £1,500 each year at Wycliffe College in Stonehouse, Glos. The “progressive” school was founded by a vegetarian Methodist minister in 1882, and today’s governors hope the new incentive will keep his values alive.

But spokesman Melanie Gray admitted the offer has not gone down too well, with pupils preferring steak and sausages to pasta and peppers. She said: “We have offered it and we are keen to promote it. No-one has taken it up and we are looking for candidates.”

She said vegetarians are well catered for at the school, though there is no compulsion to go without meat or fish. Many of the staff are vegetarian, though no sixth former has taken up the offer of the vegetarian scholarship.

The school was founded by GW Sibly. He chose the school site for its clean water and proximity to a railway station, and the pupils grew their own fruit and vegetables. Vegetarianism remains an important part of school life.

I’m surprised nothing like this has happened in the US, where childhood obesity remains a major problem. Reducing tuition is a good way to push all kinds of agendas, especially during hard economic times.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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