Update on the Sale of Businesspundit.com

Since long-time readers may be interested to know what has been going on, and what will go on with regards to selling this blog, I'll start giving more status updates now that my days as the businesspundit are numbered. I'll be blogging here until mid February, when my contract with Creative Weblogging ends, at which time this blog will be turned over to the owner of several popular blogs. More on that in coming months. I can barely contain my excitement about not having to write every day anymore, and I look forward to the additional freedom I will have when I slow down to one post a week or so.

I still get a lot of questions about why I would sell a blog that makes pretty good money… and the answer boils down to the fact that I just don't enjoy writing any more. People always act like it's a great thing to make money from blogging, but it's only a great thing if you like to blog. I used to enjoy it, a long time ago, but that passion faded as the blogosphere exploded and, in general, took a turn for the worse.

I'm still a big fan of writing. I think it is an important skill and if you don't have a blog I would encourage you to start one if for no other reason than to improve your writing skills. I'll be blogging somewhere else after I leave here, but instead of writing regularly, I will write when I think I have something important and relevant to say.

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In general, I want to do more "doing" and less writing. This blog seems to have pigeonholed me a bit as a writer and/or content guy, and I need to break that connection, even if it means starting over and taking some time to build up what it is that I'm really good at. Blogging has been great for building an extended network, but after going 0 for 4 the last few years trying to raise money for different web startups, I think I need to spend more time networking offline and building stronger connections. Early stage investments are really made in the founders, not the idea, and my failure at fundraising is probably a symptom of my poor offline relationship building skills. Not writing so much will free up time for me to do more community oriented things that will help improve that area of my life.

I think Businesspundit will go on with some very good writers. The blog will become better with some fresh blood, some writers and thinkers who are glad to be part of the online conversation, and who will bring different perspectives to the site. The change will be good. I'm still taking applications for new writers, so if you want to contribute starting in February, shoot me a note.