US Airways Name To Be Retired By American Airlines On October 17

American Airlines and US Airways Name Change

US Airways will no longer be used as a company name when American Airlines retires the company moniker on October 17. The company’s customers will have their flight reservations moved over to American Airlines ticketing systems, as they complete one of the largest and most complicated airline mergers of all-time.

American Airlines Group Inc (AAL), formed by the two carriers’ 2013 merger, said on Friday it will have a single website, reservations system and brand on the final name date. The last two flights on subsidiary US Airways are scheduled to leave at 9:55 p.m. local time on Oct. 16, from San Francisco to Philadelphia and from Phoenix to Denver.

The company’s are still moving towards a joint collective bargaining agreement with certain work groups and they must combine technical systems related to flight movement and dispatch.

To aid in the transition flights for US Airways customers will gradually begin receiving American Airlines flight codes starting on July 18. The airline customers on US Airways will begin receiving emails with their new flight data information in the coming weeks.

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American Airlines is hoping that a gradual changeover will allow it to avoid technical glitches that may have occurred with massive change orders.

American has hired some 1,300 full-time and part-time reservation agents and 600 airport agents, who will fill in for US Airways employees who are being trained on new systems. The company also cancelled some US Airways flights on October 17 to avoid changeover issues.

“We have not spared any expense in order to ensure we have the quality we need for something like this,” said American’s Chief Integration Officer Maya Leibman.

Written by Peter Mondrose

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