Using Career Anchors to Motivate Employees

This article contains some great ideas for motivating employees.

One answer lies in the concept of the career anchor, first developed some thirty years ago by Edgar Schein, a Sloan Fellows Professor of Management at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. Schein says that people are primarily motivated by one of eight anchors-priorities that define how they see themselves and how they see their work.

In today's uncertain and turbulent business climate, pinpointing employees' career anchors is an especially useful tool because it allows you to do two crucial things: Tailor your communication style to fit employees' individual needs and drive improved performance by choosing the most effective way to recognize and reward accomplishments.

The upshot: In a demanding environment where financial resources may be limited, you'll be able to make employees feel valued and motivated.

The anchors are: technical/functional competence, general managerial competence, autonomy/independence, security/stability, entrepreneurial creativity, sense of service, pure challenge, and lifestyle. Read the article to see how to use the anchors to motivate employees and increase performance.

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