Vaccines Are a Growth Industry


Novavax, Inc. announced today that it plans to license its vaccine technology to Spanish pharmaceutical company ROVI, who will use it to develop pandemic and seasonal flu vaccines (including one for novel H1N1). ROVI will also establish Spain’s only in-border vaccine production facility. This 60 million-euro program is sponsored and led by the Spanish Ministry of Health , is slated to eventually serve the entire population of Spain.

Swine flu aside, the whole business of public-private funding and the process it takes to get vaccines to the mass market is interesting stuff, and you can read more about it in the press release here.

I’m am just struck by this comment:

Juan Lopez-Belmonte Encina, ROVI CEO, commented: “The pandemic flu vaccine business is currently a key part of the strategy of ROVI, and we are committed to the business as one of the future growth driversfor the company. We are entering a new world of high technology and complex processes, but we are confident that our knowledge in this area along with Novavax’s extensive experience will enable us to fight on the front line against the devastating effects of influenza virus infection.”

Doesn’t it just give you a tiny heebee geebee that the potential for large scale loss of human life is good for business? I hate that. 

Image Credit: lauren nelson, Flickr