Vandals tag private jets with graffiti in Los Angeles

Private Jets Vandalized

Vandals broke into Van Nuys Airport on Sunday night and covered three corporate jets with graffiti. This is the second time in two years that this type of vandalism has been achieved at a Los Angeles area airfield.

Vandals wrote “URA” and “872” on the fuselages, tail wings, and wheel flaps of the planes. Other smaller monikers included “URAF,” “MarkB,” and “GLOK$.”

Police report that the vandals entered the airfield by cutting this hole in the fence. 

Two of the attacked jets were located in a larger hanger in a more secure part of the airport.

Damages are being assessed between tens of thousands and millions of dollars, depending on the extent of the damage to the exterior paint of the planes.

The aircraft belong to Fair Wind Air Charter, Private Air Inc., and Aerojet Services LLC, according to law enforcement and aviation sources.

“This happened in a darkened area of the airport,” Los Angeles Airport Police Chief Patrick Gannon said. “We are going to take a harder look at the lighting in the areas where this happened.”

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Van Nuys Airport is one of the nation’s largest general aviation airports and airport officials have said they have discussed strategies to prevent such incidents.

Written by Tammy Johnson

Tammy Johnson

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