Vegetarian Food Business

Here is another interesting food article, this one on the vegetarian food industry.

Vegetarian food sales doubled since 1998, hitting $1.6 billion in 2003. The market is forecast to grow another 61% by 2008, according to Mintel, a global market research firm. That growth is giving an extra kick to the expanding business of organic produce and natural foods companies, and forcing mainstream food producers to scramble for a way to love veggies.

What's in the way of faster change? Meat. A recent poll found 81% of the consumers surveyed said "a healthy diet should include meat."

America as a vegetarian nation? I don't think that will ever happen. It is tough to market something that everyone knows is good for you, but doesn't necessarily want.

  • I have a longstanding interest in developing vegetarian food businesses with a vision to make vegetarian eating attractive, not as a now-and-then consumable, but as an all-the-time practice.

    I’ve started some businesses around that, developed some Internet lists for supporting entrepreneurs – visionary and/or accomlished, and struggled with a number of the issues that inevitably arise.

    One problem is expecting to make this ONE project the ONE way the entrepreneur will get rich. That’s part of the problem: either one’s business has a goal beyond individual wealth, or individual wealth is one’s primary objective.

    In any case, as in any other entreprise, the first goal of business is staying in business – but one’s first goal is not always one’s final or only or deeper or longer goal.

  • Greg

    I am thinking about opening a Vegetarian Deli, Take out only, And I thought maybe a chart on a busy street with pre-packaged
    dishes. I am in a eastern European city called Vilnius in Lithuania..I started eating in Vegetarian by accident when we stumbled into a Hare Krisha Temple and had lunch. The next day I wanted more of that food and now I have been eating there everyday. It has been 5 weeks eating only vegetarian now. Funny but all the people I am around now eat only vegetarian which makes it easy too. The Hare Krisha people have offered me a commercial kitchen to use with no rent except utilities and wages for staff. What do you think about this arrangement to start something in the vegetarian food business? Please advise, pro and cons if possible. Thank You Greg