Venture Capital Reality Show

I recently founded out that Canadian tv has a venture capital reality show called Dragon's Den. My guess is that like most reality shows, it is heavily scripted and edited, but it still might be interesting if you can get it. The tv show is being promoted with an elevator pitching video from YouTube. It's a little too hyped for my tastes, but it makes some good points. Maybe the show will get more people interested in business, or maybe it will be like The Apprentice and put up a bunch of false ideas about business. Anyway, the video is below.

  • It’s been on in the UK on the BBC for a number of years (I think we’re on the third series) –
    Very entertaining, and you can watch episodes on the link above

  • The elevator pitch video is not representative in the least of the nature of the show. I watched it and was pleasantly suprised.

    The premise of course is that the investors are dragons. Jerks with money who need it cajoled out of them.

    The set is configured like a pretty tame dungeon, more like the basement of a house build in say the 1800s (stone walls, dirt-looking ground) than a place where dragons may live.

    The dragons themselves have pretty good credentials and hail from different industries — retail, restaurant, agribusiness, high tech and I forget the last, old money perhaps.

    The pitches of the entrepreneurs are edited to varying degrees. Some small and short pitches are apparently shown in full, others are trimmed with details filled in by the eye candy narrator.

    The dragons themselves don’t seem at all dragonlike. Maybe they’re just getting used to being jerks, but their critiques of the presented ideas were fair, honest, and almost entirely friendly.

    Through the course of the first episode there were, I think, 6 pitches. Only one raised money, and only from 2 of the dragons.

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