Vesess Debuts Vgo: Cloud-Based Software That Helps Taxis Compete With Uber

Vgo dispatch software

Uber is disrupting the taxi industry by allowing anyone with a vehicle to compete against taxi drivers who must pay annual fees to operate a traditional taxi cab.

Hoping to disrupt Uber’s advancement is Vgo, a cloud-based Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) logistics technology platform developed by Vesess.

According to the company, the software helps traditional taxi and logistic companies compete effectively against technology-driven competitors, such as Uber.

Vgo is a suite of web and mobile apps that improves the service quality of taxi, courier or logistics operations.

The purpose of Vgo is to provide a web-based management app that handles all aspects of business operations, while allowing web and mobile apps to be accessed by consumers for fast and convenient ride booking.

The software is highly customizable for each logistic firm or taxi company using it. According to Vesess, “Vgo is not a cookie cutter solution and is customized to fit each of our client’s needs. This includes how they bill their customers, how they accept and process orders and what sort of products and services they offer.”

A quick examination of the software reveals a simple and intuitive UI.

Along with assisting customers, Vgo allows taxi companies to track vehicles and drivers in real time, acept online bookings, and receive detailed reports.

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The company already has 3 clients who have signed up with more than 1,000 vehicles to be managed by the Vgo software suite.

“New entrants in the transportation space such as Uber are causing massive disruption and traditional taxi firms must either change with the times or become extinct,” said Lankitha Wimalarathna, CEO of Vesess Inc. “Traditional taxi and logistics companies understand that their business models are being made obsolete. VGO gives them the tools and the workflows to improve their efficiency and quality of service, so that they can continue to grow in this competitive environment.”

Features of Vgo include:

  • Online dispatch.
  • Driver and booking apps.
  • Web portals to serve corporate clients.
  • Fleet and staff management and billing and accounting.

All Vgo accounts are SSL-encrypted, utilizing the same level of security used by online banks.

$1 million has been invested in Vgo by Vesess and a group of investors led by JIT Group.

You can learn more about the software at

Written by Peter Mondrose

Peter Mondrose

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