13 Vintage Toy Commercials for Kids

The advertising world hasn’t really changed much over the years. Watch these Vintage Toy Commercials for kids that show you the topic matter and innovation is still pretty much the same.

13 Vintage Toy Commercials & Advertisements For Children
1. Slinky (Fun for a girl & a boy)
2. The Best of The West by Mark action figures
3. Malibu Barbie Sun Tan
4. Fascination
5. Dr. Seuss Zoo See & Say
6. Frisbee & Hula Hoop
7. Roy Roger’s Quick Shooter Hat ($5.99)
8. Silly Putty “The Real Solid Liquid”
9. Toys R Us
10. Sony Walkman
11. Captain Power Video Tapes
12. Baby Heather
13. Pampers (70’s)

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