Vladimir Putin Just Fired 110,000 People With The Single Stroke Of His Pen

Vladimir Putin Slashes Government Jobs

Russian President Vladimir Putin has fired 110,000 people from the ranks of government work. The move comes two weeks after Putin signed a decree that reduced the government workforce by 110,000.

The Russian government employs more than 1 million people and this recent move reduces the number of administrative staff in the county.

According to CNN Money, many of the cuts involve the interior ministry which oversees the Russian police, paramilitary security forces, and road-traffic safety.

In a note to RIA Novosti, the interior ministry’s press service said the reduction

The interior ministry’s press service also told RIA Novosti that these reduction plans will affect the management structure at the regional level and higher.

“The number of departments at the district level will remain unchanged — that is, precisely those who work directly ‘on the ground’ and interact directly with citizens,” the press service said.

Vladimir Putin has been on a tear over the last several months, in March he signed three new decrees that slashed government salaries — including his own and that of prime minister Dmitry Medvedev — by 10% starting May 1.

Moves to reduce Russian government staff have been tied directly to a massive Russian economy downturn over the last twelve months. The country has been hit with plunging oil prices and Western sanctions as a direct result of the country’s fight against Ukraine. The Russian GDP shrunk by 2.2% in the first half of 2015.