Volkswagen Employees Are Getting A Very Long Vacation Following Emissions Scandal

Germany Volkswagen Plants Closing for one month long vacation

Volkswagen employees in Germany are receiving nearly a month off in December.

Production at Volkswagen’s plants in Germany will stop on December 17 and will not resume until January 11. The only production line that will continue to operate is the company’s new Tiguan SUV line which closes from December 21 through January 11.

Volkswagen had typically shut down its plants in Germany between Christmas Eve and New Year’s Day, although the exact shutdown times vary from year to year.

Volkswagen employs 600,000 people around the world, more than 250,000 of them in Germany.

“Volkswagen Chattanooga has not altered its planned winter shutdown schedule. We are still ramping up the new Passat line while simultaneously construction continues for our new midsize SUV which will begin construction late next year,” VW spokesman Scott Wilson said.

German plans are closing for a long period of time because they have already met or exceeded their production targets for the year. While the plants are closed maintenance work can also be performed throughout the plants.

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Sales of Volkswagen cars fell 5.3% in October and some analysts believe the long plant closures could be a sign that Volkswagen is preparing for a further slowdown in sales following its emissions scandal.

Written by Lane Hanson

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