Volkswagen Is Investigating 10-20 People Who May Have Had Part In Emissions Cheating Devices

VW scandal

Volkswagen believes upwards of 20 people were involved in its rigging of diesel-engine emissions tests.

An anonymous source told Reuters last month that at least 10 senior managers had been suspended during an internal inquiry.

“The number of people responsible will not be confined to a handful. This should be a two-digit number in the range of between 10 and 20.”

The company admitted in September that it had engaged in illegal emissions testing practices. The company built “cheat devices” which tricked emissions tests into believing its diesel-powered vehicles were cleaner than they actually are.

The scandal has led to a market valuation drop of more than 25% at VW. The company is now facing 11 million vehicle recalls around the world. The cost of the scandal is expected to skyrocket to $33 billion.

In some cases Volkswagen can offer a software update to fix the issue. In other instances, the company needs to install expensive hardware upgrades.

VW’s U.S. chief, Michael Horn, claimed earlier this month that “a couple of software engineers” were responsible.

VW’s internal investigation is currently focusing on as many as 40 employees involved in activities related to the manipulations, the source at Reuters claims.

“This includes a number of people who can be ruled out as perpetrators but who were witnesses,” the person said.

German regulators recently raided VW’s headquarters as external investigations begin to make their way into the company’s ranks.

Written by Lane Hanson

Lane Hanson

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