Volkswagen is selling more sausages than vehicles

Volkswagen Sausages

Volkswagen is known for its German engineering and top-selling vehicles, but the company sells another product that is even more popular by volume — sausages.

The automaker sold more than 7.2 million sausages in 2015, compared to worldwide car sales of 5.82 million.

The company manufacturers its popular Currywurst inside a car plant in Wolfsburg, Germany.

Sausage sales at VW improved by more than 1 million wursts in 2015.

In 1973, the Wolfsburg-based automaker invented its own “Volkswagen Currywurst.” The company makes two sizes at its fully-own butchery, located within the car-manufacturing plant.

Every package is marked with the following promise: “Original Volkswagen Part.”

“These sausages do not only taste good, but they have only half the fat of normal sausages,” a promotion clip claimed in 2014.

Every package of Currywurst comes with the company’s own spicy curry ketchup or a hot version called “Heaven or Hell.”

The company also recently started selling a “vegetarian currywurst model.”

VW can use all the help it can get right now. Passenger car sales were down 8.8% in Germany in January.

Just to wet your appetite — The sausages are smoked over beech wood.