Volkswagen reports a return to sales growth in January

Volkswagen sales increased in January 2016

What emissions scandal? Within three months of coming under international scrutiny for lying to its customers, Volkswagen is reporting a return to sales growth.

Volkswagen group said sales increases in January thanks to strong demand in China, where the company posted its best month ever.

Deliveries at the 12-brand group, including luxury division Audi and sports-car maker Porsche, climbed 3.7% o 847,800 in January.

That’s compared to a 5.2% decline in December, a month that contributed to the company’s first full-year sales decrease since 2002.

Sales were already slowing and turned negative in April 2015, as the company was under increased pressure to fix trouble spots. The situation worsened when VW admitted to cheating on US emissions tests.

January group deliveries in China were up 15.4% in January and sales in Europe were up 1.8%.

The company’s biggest declines were 29.5% in Russia and 38.8% in Brazil.

Worldwide the company reported an increase of 2.8% with 521,500 vehicles delivered worldwide.

The company is still struggling to put an exact price tag on its emissions cheating scandal. In early February the company made a rare move by delaying its emissions cheating scandal.

Earlier this month, Volkswagen postponed publication of its 2015 financial results and delayed its annual shareholders’ meeting while it struggles to put an exact price on the emissions scandal.

Written by John Howard

John Howard

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