Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps

After a failed dinner attempt with Winnie, Moore tries to get father and daughter together again by getting Gekko into a fundraiser. This second attempt, in which Bud Fox makes a cameo, works. Gekko and Winnie make amends. We also learn that Gekko and James are old rivals.

Meanwhile, James rescinds a $100 million deal that he had promised Moore, giving it to Moore’s co-worker and competitor instead, Moore quits in disgust. When he tells Gekko about the betrayal, Gekko ‘fesses up about a Swiss bank account that he has in Winnie’s name. If Winnie signs off at the bank, Gekko will wire the $100 million in the account to the company that Moore had promised it to, before James had reneged on the deal.

When Moore gets back to the US, he discovers that the money never arrived. When he visits Gekko to find out why, he finds Gekko has vacated his apartment. Some people, it turns out, never change.

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Winnie, pregnant and engaged to Moore, throws him out. Moore uses his spare time to piece together James’ illegal activities. He compiles an info packet and gives it to Winnie to publish on her left-wing news website.

Meanwhile, Gekko sets up a brokerage in London and becomes a billionaire again. James gets fed to the Feds. Moore and Winnie reconcile; Gekko appears and returns the money. Later footage shows him present at their son’s first birthday party.

Written by Drea Knufken

Drea Knufken

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