WalMart As a Stock Broker


WalMart is getting into stocks. Interesting move, and not one that I see as a success. Don't get me wrong – financial services is a good place to be and a lot of product companies have made money in that industry. But stocks? Does the WalMart core demographic buy many stocks? And what value does WalMart bring to the business outside of new leads for Sharebuilder?

I think the folks in Bentonville are struggling to revive WalMart. They realize that the financial services route is a lucrative play, but I'm not sure this is the best way for them to go.

  • They did not do this deal because they are “struggling to revive WalMart” This has always been their strategy, find niches that are overcharging and punish them for not providing consumers real value. They have done it with check cashing, they are doing it with health care and they would do it with banking if there were not so many regulations.

    You should also reconsider who you think their “core demographic” is, I saw my dentist and my doctor their on the same day.