WalMart Caves to PC

It is time to sell my WalMart stock when I read things like this.

Scott told employees and shareholders at the company's annual meeting here that bonuses, including his own, would be cut up to 7.5 percent this year and 15 percent next year if the company does not promote women and minorities in proportion to the number that apply for management positions.

"If 50 percent of the people applying for the job of store manager are women, we will work to make sure that 50 percent of the people receiving those jobs are women," Scott said.

How about we just promote the best candidates? If someone is discriminating against minority or female candidates who are highly qualified, then that manager should be fired because he is hurting the company. But, promoting a female or minority who is not the most qualified, just to meet a quota should lead to termination as well.

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And why does this stuff only apply to corporate America? No one ever demands that there be more Hispanics or Chinese in the NBA.