Walmart ‘mystery shopper’ scam is stealing thousands from victims

Walmart customers are being targeted with a fake mystery shopper program that is costing some victims thousands of dollars.

The scam works by sending a letter to random customers, claiming that they have been randomly selected to participate in the company’s secret shopper program.

Each letter arrives with a check worth up to $2,000. Customers are told they must “activate” the check by registering on a website that asks for their personal information, including their name, address, phone number, and social security number.

After they fill out the form with their personal information, customers are told to deposit the check and spend it on anything they want at Walmart.

Walmart secret shopper check scam

Once you deposit the check into your account, the scammers drain your bank account, according to the Massac County, Illinois Sherriff’s department.

Here’s the letter that one customer received and reported to the police.

Walmart secret shopper scam

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